Our Third Annual Tenkara Exposition

In 2014 we had our first event in North Carolina.  It is very safe to say that the weekend was a huge success in every way that we can think to measure it.  It became apparent very quickly that we would need to do this again.  So, what is it?

Going back to almost four years, we were talking over the concept of having a multi-vendor, instructional, all things tenkara exhibition event.  It was chewed on for some time.

We had a good handful of ideas that we pulled together and starting planning.  We found a great location to hold the event.  We found some very "tenkara smart" anglers eager to get involved and make presentations.  We invited several tenkara rod manufacturers to come in and set up shop, a true first in the US.   Everyone was excited on the "business end" of this.  We settled on eight speakers and nearly as many tenkara vendors/ brands to be represented.   

The rest, as they say, is history...   Here we are entering a third year of the event that has doubled twice over in size and participation.